profile picBorn in Angers, home of the world famous liquor Cointreau and third largest wine region in France, Philippe grew up studying classical music at the local Conservatory. He enjoyed playing soccer and volleyball, and learned to kayak and sail when not spending time with friends. One of his first jobs was working in a winery for two seasons, which remains one of his fondest memories. At eighteen, after a brief time in Paris, he moved to London and made this thriving city his home for the next two years. London, at that time, was the most creative place for music and fashion. His love for music grew and he developed a passion for fashion that never stopped. He spent two years working in various restaurants and studying English at Westminster College near Piccadilly before once again embarking on an adventure. Philippe took a vacation and flew to California. London is a great city but the wet weather can get one down. Looking for a change, he wanted to see the famous California beaches and experience life in the sun.

He landed in Los Angeles with $500 in his pocket and plans for a great vacation. After a few days, he threw away his return plane ticket and decided to stay. As in London, his first jobs were in the restaurant business. Then an opportunity arose for him to work as an assistant in a modeling agency: Nina Blanchard to be precise. After a couple of years, Philippe was booking both men and women. In 1994, Nina decided to retire and sold the agency to Ford Models. By then Philippe was Women’s booker for Ford Models L.A. He had the privilege to judge Supermodel of the World, an annual competition held in NYC where Ford invites a model to represent a country. One girl is selected per country, and about 50 countries are represented. As part of the panel of judges, Philippe had the pleasure to help select the winner, who was awarded a $250k 1-yr contract.

After 12 years at Ford, Philippe sought yet another new challenge so he moved to Elite as Director of the Agency. During the two successful years he spent at Elite, his billings were ranked second and third out of the agency’s last ten years (1999-2009), and these rankings were achieved despite the recession. Following this success, he joined LA Models where he worked on the Women’s board for two and half years. At the end of March 2012, he needed a break and spent the next eight months traveling and enjoying life. In November 2012, Philippe returned to work, this time with Giuliano Bekor, a well established photographer in L.A. Philippe began to represent Bekor and fell in love with representing a photographer and working in a more creative environment. His next move came naturally as he decided to represent a handful of photographers he’d known for years.

The move felt very right and Photo Art Work Agency was born.

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