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Romanian born, Andreea Radutoiu moved to the United States in her teens in the midst of the Romanian revolution. Released from the constraints of travel prohibitions, she soon found herself in front of the lens of many of the world’s top fashion photographers, pursuing a busy modeling career for the next decade in Paris, London, New York and Tokyo.

Her curiosity for the medium of photography grew steadily during that time, and eventually  she migrated behind the camera. Armed with a breadth of experience, an understanding of the fashion business and a methodical approach, Andreea’s interest soon fused with her innate talent for directing and capturing character and performance.

Andreea has returned to the international fashion circuit, now as a photographer. Her work has appeared in publications such as French Elle, Esquire , The Wall Street Journal, Sublime, The One to name a few and for clients such as Viris Luxe, O.P.I and P&G Olay.

She shoots regularly in Europe, New York and at her studio in her adopted home town of Los Angeles.

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